How to Use Vape: Guide for Beginners

How to Use Vape: Guide for Beginners

Are you new to vaping, or do you want to improve your technique? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you how to use a vape pen or mod for the best vaping experience.

Our article is simple and straightforward, allowing everyone to understand the best tips for the perfect hit. By reading below, you'll learn about:

  • Differences between vaping and smoking
  • Structure of electronic cigarettes and vape pods
  • Useful tips to prolong the vape pod's life and improve the flavor
  • Popular vaping techniques

That's not everything we have to offer! This guide also includes comprehensive videos and pictures to help you understand how to smoke a vape pen properly in a short amount of time.

We’re sure that you'll learn new information even if you’re an experienced vaper. However, in order to master advanced techniques, you first need to start with the basics. Let's take it slowly from the beginning, and be sure to stick around until the end for a full-spectrum guide.

What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to inhaling the evaporated nicotine liquid (e-liquid) through the use of a specialized device called a vaporizer. Unlike smoking, vaping delivers nicotine in a slightly less harmful way without burning the tobacco.

You shouldn't have any problems learning how to hit a vape if you've smoked before. However, there are things you should know if you've never vaped before.

Anatomy of the Vape

Anatomy of the Vape

Vape devices come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. However, all vapes share general structural elements. Learning about how to smoke from a vape can improve your experience.

So, what parts make up a vape device, and how do these parts work?


The battery powers the device and heats the atomizers. Based on your device, the battery will activate either with a button or automatically, and we’ll discuss that in detail later in the article.

Vape pens and mods feature reusable batteries that you need to keep charged. If you prefer a simpler smoking experience, there are disposable vape devices with single-use batteries that you can throw away when they run out of juice.


Vape Automizer

The atomizer consists of several wire coils that heat the nicotine salt liquid, also known as e-liquid. As a result, the nicotine salt liquid becomes a vapor that you can inhale. The process happens automatically in a span of a second as you draw on the mouthpiece or when you push a button.

The most common types of atomizers include:

  • Single-use (disposables): Disposable devices that can't be recharged or refilled.
  • Cartomizers: Devices with cartridges that contain both e-liquid and the atomizer.
  • Clearomizers: The e-juice in these vapes is stored in a separate, easily refillable tank.


E-liquid or vape juice is a substance made from nicotine, solvent, and flavorings. The e-liquid fuels your device, and it is stored in either a tank or a cartridge depending on the type of device you have.


In addition to activating the atomizer, buttons can have many uses. They usually include:

  • Preheat. The atomizer will start working in advance, allowing you to begin vaping quicker. This feature also optimizes energy consumption to improve battery life. It's similar to heating your car before you start driving.
  • Temperature/heat settings. More advanced vaporizers allow you to adjust the temperature to alter the taste.

Most devices use either three or five clicks to activate. However, these settings vary based on the vaporizer's model and manufacturer. If you want to learn how to use a vape pen's button, be sure to read the instructions that come with your device.

As we previously mentioned, not all vape pens and mods have a button. Some of them, mainly e-cigarettes and disposables, activate automatically as you draw.

How to Properly Inhale From a Vape

Now that you know how to turn on the vape pen, how can you use it properly for vaping? Before we delve into the different vaping techniques, let's start with the basics.

Here's how to use a vape pen for the first time:

  • Give it a shake. For best results, shake your e-juice before every use. Why is this important? E-liquid consists of two solvents: PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). By shaking your vape pod, PG and VG will mix together, resulting in a better flavor and thicker smoke.
  • Find the right PG/VG ratio. A vape device with a higher PG ratio will result in a more pronounced "throat hit" sensation. At the same time, VG affects the amount and thickness of smoke generated.
  • Take it slow and steady. Start with four-second hits and see how your body reacts to nicotine. Remember that your body absorbs e-liquid vapor differently than tobacco smoke.
  • Experiment. E-liquids have different levels of nicotine strength. We advise you to start with weaker flavors and gradually move to stronger ones. If your device has the necessary features, you can also adjust settings (for example, power and airflow settings) to achieve the optimal feel when vaping.
  • Monitor the e-liquid level. Keep the vape juice tank full. If it depletes when you try to draw, you can experience a "dry hit" — an awful taste that resembles burned metal.
  • Switch flavors and drink water. This rule is crucial if you want to avoid getting "vaper's tongue" — a temporary loss of the ability to tell tastes apart. Are you wondering how to use a vape mod without losing your tasting ability? It's easy; switch flavors regularly and drink enough to stay hydrated.
  • Keep e-liquids in a dark environment. Here's an interesting fact. Most vape juices become more flavorful after they "marinate" in a dark room for a few weeks. Furthermore, direct sunlight can decrease the nicotine levels in the e-juice.
  • Take care of your device. Unless you are using a disposable vape, you should regularly maintain the vape pod to prolong its life. This includes checking battery connections for e-juice buildup, cleaning the coils, and emptying the vape juice tank regularly.

How to Use Vape for the First Time

Now, what about the advanced techniques we mentioned?

How Do You Vape Using Different Techniques?

Vaping is a slow-paced and, arguably, more enjoyable process than smoking if you know how to use a vape pen properly. Let's look at some techniques vapers use to get the best vaping experience.

Different Vaping Techniques

Mouth Hits

Slowly inhale the vapor for a few seconds and let the smoke swirl in your mouth. From there, you have two options:

  1. Exhale the vapor slowly through your nose or mouth (a technique known as a mouth hit)
  2. Take the vapor deeper in your lungs, then exhale it (mouth-to-lung hit or MTL vaping)

Don't stress if your first few hits result in coughing. Your body will adjust as you become more accustomed to vaping.

Direct-Lung Vaping

Direct-Lung Vaping

Direct-lung vaping (also known as DL vaping) can deliver more flavor and generate more smoke than other techniques. You can accomplish DL vaping by inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs.

If it feels too intense at first, try using a DL-oriented vape pod. These devices are designed to produce more clouds and enhanced flavor.


As you can tell, vaping is straightforward at its core, even if you've never touched a vaping device before. Follow our tips, take care of your device, and work on using the techniques we described in our article. This will result in learning how to hit a vape pen like a pro.

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