How to Smoke Without Rolling Paper: 10 Rolling Paper Alternatives

How to Smoke Without Rolling Paper: 10 Rolling Paper Alternatives

Are you out of cigarette paper? Or maybe you are hoping to try something new? It may surprise you how many ways there are to consume tobacco and weed. Now, what can you use as rolling paper?

In fact, there are likely plenty of things around you at this very moment that you can use as rolling paper. Without further ado, let's look at some of our favorite choices!

1. Bongs

Rolling Paper Alternative Bong

Bongs, or water pipes, are tabletop devices that consist of a water chamber and a bowl. They’re bulky and can be pricey, but they are incredibly effective and easy to use.

It's not the simplicity that makes bongs so popular; the smoke goes through a water chamber, resulting in a filtered, smooth hit. This makes bongs one of the best options for cough-free tobacco or weed consumption.

Bongs come in various sizes and designs. If you want a compact solution, consider trying a glass pipe or bubbler.

2. Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes Rolling Paper Alternative

Pipes are the most sought-after accessories for tobacco and herb smoking. Unlike bongs, they don't have a water chamber that smoothes the smoke. However, glass pipes are the most straightforward and cheapest way to smoke.

Glass pipes are available in most stores throughout the world. You’re much more likely to find one near your location than if you searched for rolling paper.

You can also try smoking with a bubbler — a mix between a bong and a pipe. They’re usually made of glass and have a small water chamber designed to filter the smoke.

3. Vapes

Glass Pipes Rolling Paper Alternative

Vaping is different from smoking. Instead of burning herbs or tobacco, you will use vape devices to draw vaporized nicotine liquid or cannabis oil.

Vaporizers are getting increasingly popular due to their simplicity and novelty. Some devices work just like regular cigarettes and activate automatically when you draw. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of vape devices from dozens of manufacturers. The most popular types of vaporizers include:

  • Modifiable box pods
  • Vape pods
  • Vape pens
  • E-cigarettes

On top of that, vapes are affordable and very easy to find. Most cities have several vape shops. Alternatively, you can order them from online stores at a reasonable price.

4. Book or Notebook Paper

Glass Pipes Rolling Paper Alternative

What to use as a rolling paper if you don't have smoking accessories? It's easy. Look for books and notebooks with extra-thin paper and the least amount of ink on the pages as a simple solution.

Believe it or not, pages from the Bible are extremely thin and make a great rolling paper alternative. On the other hand, receipts, checks, and phone books are mediocre alternatives. The ink on them is usually too heavy, and paper burns too quickly, which can ruin the smoking experience.

5. Empty Cigarettes

Empty CIgarette Rolling Paper Alternative

You can find cigarettes virtually anywhere. But instead of smoking them, you can use them to roll a joint without rolling paper.

Simply empty the cigarette’s contents by twisting the cigarette around with your fingers. Be gentle, as cigarette paper is fragile and can rip. After the tobacco empties from the paper, delicately fill it with your favorite tobacco or herbs. We recommend replacing the cigarette filter with the cardboard one or getting rid of it entirely for the best smoking experience.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Carefully twist a cigarette to remove the contents.
  2. Fill it with your own tobacco or herbs.
  3. Optional: replace the carbon filter.

6. Water Bottles

Water Bottle Rolling Paper Alternative

Sometimes, you have to get a little creative.

Plastic bottles make a fine substitute for water pipes. This makeshift device is one of the classiest herb consumption methods called a "gravity bowl.”

The ingredients that you'll need to make one include:

  • Two plastic bottles (preferably 1-liter and 2-liter ones)
  • Something sharp (box cutter, knife, scissors, etc.)
  • Tinfoil

The larger bottle will become a water chamber, while the smaller one will act as both a bowl and a mouthpiece.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut the bottom of the 1-liter bottle.
  2. Wrap the foil over the 1-liter bottle's cap.
  3. Make a few tiny holes in the foil for ventilation.
  4. Cut the 2-liter bottle in half and fill the bottom section with water.
  5. Push the smaller bottle into the bigger one that's filled with water, but don't submerge it completely
  6. Put the tobacco or cannabis on the foil and light it up to fill the bottle with smoke.
  7. Remove the tin foil and inhale while pushing the bottle deeper into the water.

7. Tin Foil

Tin Foil Rolling Paper Alternative

Got some spare tin foil after trying the previous method? Here's how to roll a joint without rolling paper if you’re in a hurry.

First, take something that resembles a joint. It could be a pen, screwdriver, or even a straw. Wrap an aluminum foil around this object to create a cone. At the same time, leave an extra foil at the end — this will act as a "bowl" where you put your tobacco.

Tinfoil is a quick substitute for rolling paper. However, we recommend using it only once if you don't want aluminum to interfere with the taste.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Grab a piece of aluminum foil
  2. Wrap the tin foil over a joint-like object (screwdriver, straw, pencil, etc.) to form it into a cylinder-shaped cone with extra foil at the end.
  3. Make sure to leave an air path for the smoke to pass.
  4. Gently twist the tail of the foil to make it into a bowl.
  5. Place the tobacco or herbs in the bowl and light.

8. Hot Knives

Hot Knives Rolling Paper Alternative

A “hot knife” is an unconventional method of cannabis consumption. While not terribly effective, it can look impressive and offers an opportunity to try something unique.

To start, you need two metal knives with wooden handles and something to heat them (ideally — a stove). However, be extra careful with this method! You’re working with knives, after all. Besides, you can burn yourself if the handles turn hot.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Grab two knives and make sure they have wooden or plastic handles not to burn yourself.
  2. Hold them over the burner until they heat up.
  3. Carefully put the herbs on of the blades and squeeze it with another knife.

9. Apple Pipe

Apple Pipe Rolling Paper Alternative

What else can you use as rolling paper? If you're looking for a more natural way to smoke, you can create a perfectly working pipe using an apple!

It might surprise you, but apples are a quite popular alternative to bubblers and rolling papers. Smoking from an apple doesn't just look nice, as some smokers argue that it complements the taste and adds freshness to their tobacco.

Why don't you try for yourself? Here's what you need to do.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Grab a large fresh apple, remove the stem, and rinse it with water.
  2. Using a pen (or a similar object), create a hole from the top of the apple to its center.
  3. Make another hole in the middle side of the apple. It should create a tunnel that connects with the hole in the middle.
  4. Clean the openings from extra bits of apple.
  5. Place a piece of aluminum foil at the top and poke holes in it for ventilation.
  6. Optional: Make another hole on the other side of the apple. You can use it to regulate the intensity of airflow using your finger.
  7. Put the tobacco or cannabis on the foil and light it.

10. Corn Husks

Corn Husks Rolling Paper Alternative

Dried corn husk is one of the most well-known alternatives for rolling papers. It's an all-natural, affordable, and long-burning material that works perfectly for tobacco and various herbs.

Smoking from a corn husk seems creative. However, it's a widespread practice in some countries that produce corn, most notably in Jamaica.

Corn joints are very easy to roll thanks to their fibrous membrane. Moreover, corn husk lacks the papery taste of rolling papers, making the smoking experience even better.


As you can see, people use nearly anything they can to smoke. And that's just the tip of an iceberg! You can always think of how to roll a joint without rolling paper if you use a little creativity.

Ideally, you’ll think ahead and purchase rolling papers before you need them. If you need rolling paper, vapes, or smoking pipes, we can help you!

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