How to Fix Issues with Vape Pen | Full Guide (2020)

How to Fix Issues with Vape Pen | Full Guide (2020)

Vaping offers a better alternative to standard cigarettes. It does not come with the health risks of regular smoking and it allows people to save more money in the long run. Sometimes, however, proper maintenance of your vape pen is key, and knowing how to fix issues with vape pen battery, cartridge, coil, and other components will come in handy. 

E-cigarettes and vape pens have been on the rise over the last decade while the number of regular smokers has been steadily decreasing. However, even the best vape accessories can break or stop charging all of a sudden. The problems usually arise over time and can significantly worsen your vaping experience.
How to deal with these issues? Of course, you can send your vape pen for repairs or pay for a replacement. Yet, most of the problems with these accessories can be easily fixed on your own.
So, if your device stopped working or charging, or if you feel a burnt taste during vaping – there is a way to fix it by yourself. Do you want to learn how? Then, keep reading.

5 Typical Problems with Vape Pens

Are you planning to use your vape pen for a while? Maintenance is the key here. It will allow you to get the maximum flavor out of every hit and keep your device intact for as long as possible (even though you need to learn how to replace vape pen batteries or other parts eventually).

1. Cleaning & Maintaining the Vape Heating Element

How can you improve your device’s longevity? Let’s go through the basics.

  • Clean a vape tank. Disassemble your vape pen using instructions that come with the device. Afterward, wash the tank and its components with warm water. Let it dry from half an hour before putting it back together. You can also use an alcohol substance every once in a while (we recommend using ethanol monthly).
  • Clean the coil head. If you want to clean the coil head, you need to let it soak in an alcoholic substance (ethanol) for a couple of hours. Then, rinse it with distilled water a couple of times and let it dry completely. If you have a rebuildable atomizer, you will need to clean the atomizer with a coil cleaning tool before rinsing it with water.
  • Change the e-liquid regularly. Don’t let the e-liquid stay in the tank for too long. It’s a good idea to remove all of it from the tank before adding the new one so that flavors don’t mix. To do that, take short puffs after pouring the old e-liquid away to dry the wicks.

2. E-liquid Leaking

The e-liquid can leak from the vape pen's tank or through the airflow. This problem is common for vapers who use Sub-Ohm tanks. It's caused primarily due to design flaws, but it can also happen due to user error.

How can you fix this problem?

  • Check the coil head. Ensure that the coil head is properly screwed into the base. If it doesn't have any visible problems – it means it needs replacement.
  • Do you use the appropriate e-liquid? Problems can arise if you are using e-liquid that has too much PG or VG. Make sure that you use the right substance because it may be the reason your device leaks. For instance, anything with lower than 70% VG can cause this problem.
  • Examine the tank for cracks. A single crack or bent base is usually the cause of the leakage. Thankfully, replacing glass in a vape pen is an inexpensive solution compared to buying a new device.
  • Don’t overfill the tank. Don't fill your device entirely with the e-juice. A rule of thumb is to leave a small air pocket at the top.
  • Check the O-rings. Worn or damaged O-rings tend to compromise the tank's seal. However, this detail is relatively cheap and quite easy to replace.
  • Don’t let the vape pen overheat. Remember not to leave your device under direct sunlight or in other places where it can overheat.

3. No Draw & Bad Taste During Vaping

Experiencing discomfort while vaping? Let’s see how you can fix it:

  • Check the vape pen battery and liquid. Make sure that the battery is switched on and if the tank is filled with e-liquid.
  • Ensure that all components are connected. Ensure a proper seal between the battery and the coil.
  • Replace the coil. Worn out coils usually cause a bad taste. Therefore, you must change the coil after some time. After replacement, you need to make sure that it is correctly primed. In addition to that, give the coil enough time to "soak in" the e-liquid before using it.

4. Vape Cartridge Stopped Working

Here’s what you can do to fix cartridge issues in the vape pen:

  • Check if the cartridge is clogged with oil. To do this: disassemble the vape pen, take the cartridge out, and warm up the oil (hair dryer would do fine). Then, take some short puffs from the cartridge without the battery.
  • Check the contacts. Take the vape pen apart and make sure that the cartridge contacts are connected to the battery. If there are visible signs of clogging, you can gently wipe them with alcohol substances. After it’s dried, reconnect it with the battery.
  • Adjust the temperature. Set your vape pen to lower temperature settings (if your device supports this function).
  • Get the right cartridge. There are four types of oil cartridges available. Some of them work only with appropriate vape pen battery sizes and voltages. Thus, you need to ensure that your battery supports the oil cartridge. Looking for a universal battery that supports all different sizes of oil cartridges? Check out the brand new Yocan Uni Pro Universal Portable Box Mod!

5. Issues with the Battery

How do you fix a vape pen battery that stopped working altogether? You can do the following:

  • Make sure that the device isn’t turned off. It can be that you accidentally turned off the vape pen by pressing the power button too many times in quick succession. Try clicking it for 3 or 6 times to see if it powers on.
  • Check the contacts. Ensure that the coil, tank, and battery have a clean connection. To do this, take the device apart and clean it from dust and clogging.
  • Charge the device with different accessories. Try using different types of cables and chargers to see if the charging starts.

What to Do if the Vape Pen Battery Won't Charge?

What can you do if the vape pen battery is not charging after doing everything described above?

No battery lasts forever. So when asking: how long does a vape pen battery last? The answer is usually to simply refer to the instruction manual that comes with your device (or by checking online). If it is way past the initially intended lifespan – you should replace it with a new one.

The most popular types of vape batteries are:

  1. Auto Draw (Buttonless) Battery. The most common vape pen made from cheap components. Since there is no button, these devices activate when you inhale. You should charge them only by using accessories that come with the device.
  2. Batteries with a Button. A flexible vape pen allows the users to control the pull. These types of vape pens usually work with all cartridges.
  3. Fixed and Variable Voltage Batteries. Vape pens can have a fixed or variable voltage battery. The latter is especially great for smokers who want to have a heavier puff.
  4. Disposable Vape Pen. Don’t want to learn how to fix a vape pen battery or bother with maintenance? Then, you need to try disposable vape pens. They make a great alternative to other vaping devices because of their slick design and low price.


Now you know how to deal with the most prevalent problems with vape devices. However, knowing how to fix issues with a vape pen battery won’t always help. Sometimes, you’ll need to replace your device.

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