STIG brand is one of the leaders in the vaping industry with some of the best disposable vape device offerings. Green Caviar Club stocks a wide selection of VGOD STIG disposables for the best price on the market. Order online at our store and we will ship fast to any part of the country or abroad.

Stig Disposables for Sale

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VGOD STIG disposables provide an effortless and convenient vaping experience. You don't have to recharge, repair, or even clean these devices. STIG pods are fully automated buttonless accessories, meaning you don't even have to press anything to enjoy them. All you have to do is inhale and let the flavor entangle you.

Unlike a regular e-cig, a disposable vape device can fit in any pocket and work without maintenance. Disposables are quite cheap compared to buying a pack of cigarettes or a regular vape pod. At the same time, the STIG brand uses premium ingredients to produce their vape devices.

Speaking about flavors, STIG offers a huge assortment of unique taste combinations. Green Caviar Club (GCC) stocks a great selection of VGOD STIG flavors, such as Mighty Mint, Crisp Apple, and Mango Bomb.

Given this device’s low price, you can try as many flavors as possible to find the one that suits you without emptying your wallet.

Each VOGD STIG contains salt nicotine e-liquid, which is a healthier and smoother alternative to tobacco cigarettes. There's no reason to worry about the longevity either — one disposable device stores 1.2 mL of e-liquid, which lasts up to 300 puffs. Therefore, you can enjoy a single disposable vape for a whole weekend without ordering a new one.