JAK brand combines high quality with affordability to bring value to customers all over the world. This makes JAK e-cigs one of the most popular products in the vaping community. Green Caviar Club offers a wide variety of JAK disposable vape devices for sale for the best price you'll find on the internet. Order online and we will ship fast to any corner of the country or abroad.

Jak Disposables for Sale

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JAK e-cig vaping pen is a compact, convenient, and affordable way to enhance your vaping experience. They are designed to look and feel exactly like cigarettes. Each e-cig provides a soft, genuine cigarette feel without the downsides that are common in tobacco products. One JAK e-cig contains less nicotine than a full pack of tobacco cigarettes. Plus, these disposables lack harmful additives and chemicals usually found in cigs.

Are you tired of regularly cleaning, charging, or repairing your vape device? Do you have to look for an e-liquid bottle replacement while on a journey? JAK disposable vape pen is an excellent solution to take on vacation! Moreover, it features a compact, buttonless design. This e-cig looks exactly like a regular cigarette, fits right in your pocket, and works when you inhale.

JAK brand offers e-cigs with regular and menthol flavors. Each device comes with a 1.6% or 3.6% nicotine e-liquid. The amount of nicotine in one 3.6% vape pen is roughly equal to 4 packs of cigarettes! A single JAK disposable lasts up to 800 puffs. That's more than enough to keep your vaping for a whole week.

Green Caviar Club stocks JAK disposable vape pens in all sizes and flavors for the best price you’ll find on the market. Moreover, we offer fast and inexpensive worldwide shipping, as well as discounts and special offers.