What Is the Best Pipe Tobacco 2020?

What Is the Best Pipe Tobacco 2020?

Smoking aromatic pipe tobacco is a completely different experience than smoking conventional cigarettes. There’s nothing quite like the warm, high-quality smoke of pipe tobacco providing you with a sense of relief and relaxation. Different styles of tobacco can be as unique and nuanced as different types of whiskey, and the more you smoke, the more you’ll learn to appreciate the subtle differences between pipe tobaccos.

Not into pipe smoking? If you know how to roll a cigarette (or even have an easy cigarette roller), you can use flavorful pipe tobacco for making your own cigarettes as well.

But whether you’re a newcomer to smoking pipe tobacco or a seasoned veteran, the following list of tobacco brands will undoubtedly satisfy your desire for an affordable, yet luxury smoking experience. If you’re looking for the best smelling pipe tobacco, the best-flavored pipe tobacco, or even the best pipe tobacco for rolling cigarettes, we’ve got them all below.

OHM Pipe Tobacco 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, premium quality, American-made tobacco, OHM is one of the best tobacco pipe brands. The flavor profile of OHM is somewhat citrusy and sweet, with a mildly grassy undertone, and it burns exceptionally well. It’s certainly reasonably priced as well, so it’s a great value for high-quality tobacco. If you haven’t smoked OHM before, we highly recommend you make OHM Pipe Tobacco your next purchase.
ohm best pipe tobacco

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco

If you’re looking for the purest tobacco around, Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is probably your best bet. Free from any additives, this American tobacco is both very smooth and affordable. During the processing phase, the only thing added to this tobacco is water, so you know it’s as pure as possible. If you’re looking for a great value and a very mellow smoke, perfect for unwinding in the evening, the Good Stuff brand is a great place to start. This company offers a variety of blends, from Natural to Gold, Silver, and even Menthol. Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is the favorite of many smokers who are looking for an easy-smoking, American-made, and cheap yet high-quality pipe tobacco, which is also good for rolling your own cigarettes.

good stuff best pipe tobacco

Golden Leaf Pipe Tobacco

Everything is bigger in Texas, and the taste and flavor profile of this Texas-based Golden Leaf Pipe Tobacco is no different. The rich Burley and Virginia tobaccos have big flavor, so if you’re looking for something bold in your tobacco arsenal, the Golden Leaf Regular Blend is a must-have. But if you’re looking for something a little more on the mellow side, the Smooth Blend is also a fantastic option. But while the flavors are bold, the smoke is not harsh whatsoever. Dark, masculine, and smoky, you’ll love the strong flavor with the smooth smoking experience.

golden leaf best pipe tobacco

Gambler Pipe Tobacco

You’ll be humming Kenny Rogers in your head when smoking this American-made blend. Specially sealed for freshness and quality, Gambler Pipe Tobacco is yet another excellent blend of high-quality tobacco at a very reasonable value. If you like Good Stuff or 4Aces, Gambler is another great option for you to try if you’re looking to switch things up a bit. Easy to light for a smooth smoke, you really can’t go wrong with Gambler.

gambler best pipe tobacco

4 Aces Pipe Tobacco

The manufacturers of 4 Aces have focused on delivering a high-quality blend at the most affordable price point possible. If you’re looking for one of the best cheapest options out there, and you haven’t tried 4 Aces yet, we highly recommend it. The 4 Aces tobacco blends are a favorite of seasoned smokers, and you’ll be able to notice the quality right out of the bag. If you’ve smoked for many years, this tobacco may remind you of the old days. 4 Aces is very basic with no frills, and if you’re looking for the lowest cost tobacco but still want a quality experience, this is a good option for you.

4 aces best pipe tobacco

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco

One of the best sellers in our collection, Cherokee Pipe Tobacco has a diverse offering and offers a rich and pleasurable smoke. If you like American Spirit cigarettes, you’ll surely love Cherokee tobacco. Buy one bag of Cherokee and you’re highly likely to continue to purchase more. Available in Original, Mellow, Turkish Bold, Ultra Light, and Menthol, Cherokee is a go-to pipe tobacco brand that is beloved by smokers nation-wide. Cherokee also works quite well for rolling your own cigarettes and offers a truly smooth smoke with great taste, for a great value.

cherokee best pipe tobacco

Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco

If you’re looking for top of line tobacco blends for pipe-smoking, look no further. Golden Harvest is truly great tobacco that’s been created to provide you with the best smoking experience possible. If you’re an experienced pipe smoker who loves smoking a distinctive tobacco, you must try one of their blends such as Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, or Silver. This tobacco is also absolutely perfect for rolling your own cigarettes as well, and you can be sure that every bag is exquisitely fresh and full of flavor. If you haven’t tried Golden Harvest tobacco yet, stop what you’re doing immediately and order some for yourself.

golden harvest best pipe tobacco


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and as you can see, it’s very hard to go wrong with any of the selections provided here. We hope we were able to thoroughly answer the question, “what is the best pipe tobacco?”

As you can see, there are a plethora of good choices out there, and if you’re just getting started it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with any one of these tobacco brands. There are even more enjoyable tobacco brands that didn’t quite make our list, so make sure to browse our extensive catalogue at Green Caviar Club as well. We’re sure you’ll find several brands that will provide you with an enjoyable and smooth tobacco smoking experience.

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