How to Distinguish Fake Disposables from a Real Vape Pens | Guide

How to Distinguish Fake Disposables from a Real Vape Pens | Guide

Disposables are a treat for vaping fans who prefer convenience and value for their buck. Wherever you live, you can easily find premium vape pens from Mr Fog, Posh Plus, Puff Bar, Stig, and countless other world-renowned brands.

However, it’s getting increasingly easy to run into fake disposables.
Knockoff vape pens are usually made by amateur workers in unsterile environments, making it difficult to know what’s in them. Shady manufacturers typically save money on ingredients or fill the disposables with cheap e-juice that’s long expired. Plus, they may contain harmful pesticides and fungicides that become extremely toxic when vaporized.

Do you want to compare fake Puff Bars vs. real devices in terms of flavor intensity? There won’t be any competition. According to Washington Post research, knockoff vapes and black-market products are very likely to cause health problems.

Now, just how many counterfeit Posh Plus or fake Puff Bars are there? It’s estimated that at least 2.5 percent of vape devices on the U.S. market are not authentic. It’s easy to buy a cheap imitation if you’re not careful.

But don’t worry! We will teach you how to spot and avoid fake disposables for good. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Do Disposable Vape Pens Look Like?

Fake disposables are easy to identify if you know how to identify them. Here are the parts you should check before buying:

Package design

Real vape pen package

Does the vape pen’s packaging seem cheaply made? Run a Google image search to see how the real box should look.

Don’t overlook obvious red flags. Unsanctioned use of copyright-protected characters, movies, or cartoons is a sure-fire sign of fake disposables.

Low-Quality Print

Print quality of real vape pens

Here’s another way to tell a fake Stig, Posh Plus, or other disposable even without opening the box. How?

Look at the packaging up-close. Do the letters and images seem faded or distorted?

The low-quality ink in counterfeit products can easily corrupt when exposed to air. This alone should tell you if the package’s content is worth your money.

Low Nicotine Strength

Nicotine Strength Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens feature multiple e-juice concentration levels. However, fake disposables usually lack nicotine strength and flavor intensity. In other words, you’ll have to inhale the vapor several times to get the effect you would otherwise get from a single puff.

If your vape pen doesn’t pack a kick, or if the e-juice concentration is severely less than advertised on the box — you’re probably holding a fake.

Poor Build Quality

Vape Pen Build Quality

Disposable vape pens are more affordable than vape pods and mod boxes.

Despite this, premium brands have high production values. It may be a fake Posh Plus product if it looks unfinished or hastily made.

If you still have doubts, try checking a video review of the model you own. If you notice significant discrepancies in the feel, weight, nicotine strength, and overall quality — you’re probably holding a counterfeit disposable.

Too Cheap

Vape pen manufacturer prices

You should know something’s not right if you find an established vape pen brand at an unbelievably low price. And how to tell if a Puff Bar is fake or not?

It’s pretty straightforward. Simply visit a website of a certified seller or the manufacturer. Based on the price, you can tell if you’re looking at a real product or a cheap imitation.

Vape pen prices

Grammar Mistakes

The brand should communicate the product’s value to the customer. That’s why premium companies put a significant emphasis on quality control and marketing.

Reputable disposable vape pen brands can’t afford petty mistakes to sully their reputation — they have marketing and copywriting departments to take care of that. By contrast, spelling and grammar mistakes are quite widespread in counterfeit products.


Does your vape pen have a return policy or a service warranty? Top-rated manufacturers offer return policies and service warranties even for disposables vape pens. Checking for this is quite simple — all you need to do is search the web for the company’s guidelines.

In any case, you should stay away from products that don’t come with a basic warranty. The vendor should have some sort of warranty as well.

No Markings & Codes

The biggest vape pen manufacturers help guide buyers towards authentic products. These measures include serial numbers, scratch, and QR codes.

For example, fake Puff Bar disposables won’t have a serial number on their box. Plus, you can verify the authenticity of the serial code on the manufacturer’s official website.

How to Check If Your Disposable Vape is Authentic

Verifying the product’s authenticity is even easier if you stick to world-renowned brands. Let’s see how to check authenticity with top-selling manufacturers:

Stig VGOD Authentication Code & Verification

Stig VGOD Authentication Code & Verification

Stig VGOD disposables are easy to distinguish from fakes if you decide to try them. However, we highly advise against purchasing this product if its appearance raises suspicions.

Instead, you should scratch the QR code on the box and verify the authenticity using the company’s website. Alternatively, you can check the product’s authenticity with a 16-digit serial number.

Mr Fog Authentication Code & Verification

Mr Fog Authentication Code & Verification

Mr Fog disposables come with several verification codes. They are just as easy to check. Each box and pack has a sticker with a unique code that is revealed when you scratch it. Simply scan the QR code using your phone’s camera and use the official website to check if the vape pen is real or fake.

Posh Plus Authentication Code & Verification

Posh Plus Authentication Code & Verification

Posh Plus vape pens contain special security codes on the packages. All you have to do is scratch the code section. Afterward, follow this link and enter your product’s code to see if it’s authentic.

Puff Bar Authentication Code & Verification

Puff Bar Authentication Code & Verification

Puff Bar’s authenticity code is located on the sticker on the back of the box. Identifying a fake should take you less than a minute. Just enter the code on the company’s site to see if your vape pen is real.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Disposables

We have a final trick that can save you a ton of stress: buy your products from reputable stores.

And how do you make sure that the store is selling authentic products? Here are few questions to consider:

  • What brands does the store offer?
  • Are you buying from a certified seller?
  • Does the store offer a warranty for its products?
  • How do the prices compare to the ones from official manufacturer’s sites?
  • Are the legal address and contact information on the store’s site real?

You should also check what other people say about the vendor online. Look at review platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

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Counterfeit disposables lack the flavor, strength, and overall feel of the original, authentic products. Plus, they pose a threat to your health due to low production quality and cheap ingredients.

Now, spotting a counterfeit vape pen shouldn’t be a problem for you! Even if the product raises suspicions, you can easily and quickly verify its authenticity using the serial codes and manufacturer’s websites.

But there’s a more convenient option. You can skip all these steps if you stick to buying vaping accessories from certified sellers.

Do you want to forget about fake disposables once and for all? Order premium products from Green Caviar Club today to get a 10 percent discount by signing up for the newsletter!

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