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There is an art to smoking, and rolling a cigarette or joint is a part of it. A tobacco rolling tray is your ideal companion to create perfectly rolled tobacco cigarettes (among other things). Green Caviar Club (GCC) offers a wide variety of rolling trays to help you store the tobacco, herbs, rolling paper, and other tools you need to make a joint or cigarette.

Rasta Rolling Trays for Sale

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You can roll your tobacco cigarettes the way it’s most convenient for you. Our online store offers multiple sizes (7x5.5, 11x7, 11x8  and 11.25x7 inches) and over ten color palettes available online for sale.

Do you want to roll with style? Our store offers the best rolling trays with custom thematic designs. At GCC, you can order a designer rolling tray from reputable brands for the best price in the country.

Are you thinking about buying a rolling tray for another custom cigarette admirer? If you are looking for wholesale rolling trays – look no further. GCC will send you a batch of these trays for the best price you can find online. We also offer fast and cheap shipping to any corner of the US and worldwide.